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What is Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment teeth position disorder; In other words, it is a form of treatment that is based on the arrangement of the lower and upper jaw relationship in the jaw arch of the teeth, depending on the temporomandibular joint, with removable appliances or fixed brackets and wires that we apply in cases of alignment problems such as impaction, crowding, and height-lowness of the tooth.

Orthodontic treatment is very valuable in terms of giving us skeletal gains before puberty, that is, before puberty; however, we cannot do anything skeletally after puberty, that is, if the patient has passed puberty, we only get dental gains.

Of course, rehabilitation, that is, improvements, is achieved to a certain extent, but if the patient comes to the doctor before the adolescence period, the door to success is open in almost every subject we plan, for example; If the lower jaw is forward, we can take it back, if the upper jaw is forward, we can take it back, or vice versa, we can give the lower and upper jaws the shape we want, which is almost vital for the patient. It can cause respiratory system problems…

After puberty, there is absolutely nothing that will not improve again, with orthognathic surgeries, unfortunately, these are quite heavy surgeries, lower and upper jaw relations can be regulated.